Surgical Recovery Care Centers

A Discussion with Compass CEO DJ Hill

Care suites, also called recovery care suites or recovery care centers (RCCs), have been slowly gaining favor amongst orthopedic and spine surgeons. The model has many variations, but the general concept is straightforward: a non-hospital overnight recovery option for post-surgical patients.

A handful of groups around the country have implemented post-surgical recovery care suites. While each operates under a different set of state regulations, they all have the same objective to provide a high-value, non-hospital-based option for safe post-surgical recovery.

Compass has extensive experience designing, developing, and managing surgery centers centered around complex surgical cases, such as total joint replacement and spine surgery. These surgical specialties benefit the most from RCCs, given the additional recovery time required for some patients.

The ASC/RCC combination offers a compelling option for patients who prefer not to have surgery in the institutional setting of a hospital. A growing body of evidence suggests that same-day discharge to home is appropriate, even preferred, for patients with adequate home support.

As such, design of RCCs should carefully consider the trends toward same day discharge, as over-built RCCs may eventually suffer from severe underutilization. However, many patients benefit from RCCs, and we expect recovery care centers to become a core strategy for many of our surgery center partnerships moving forward.

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