"De Novo" Surgery Centers

New ASCs often require a lower investment than buying into existing centers but can meet or exceed returns. We have deep experience in planning, physical development, staffing, accreditation, and ASC Partnership Management. We optimize every project for the local market.

Missteps in feasibility testing, planning, and execution can create long-term ripple effects.

Surgeons Often Ask:

  • Do I have enough cases/revenues to build a new center?
  • Is my market too saturated with ASCs to build a new one?
  • Should I buy into an existing ASC or start a new one?
  • How should I size/equip/scope/fund the project to ensure room for growth but not handicap the ASC with unnecessary overhead?
  • How will market forces such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), physician employment, and declining reimbursements effect ASCs in the future?
  • What is the project plan?
  • Which partners should I rely on to execute my vision?

Contact Compass

To request free assistance with generating an ASC pro forma or to discuss outpatient total joint ASCs, send us your contact info.

As the ASC industry matures, new projects (also known as “de novo”) require a much more strategic and thoughtful analysis.

The Compass team has a deep and successful track record of not only launching new projects on time and on budget, but also optimizing each project for the context of their local market. We pride ourselves in providing honest assessment of ASC opportunities and executing projects set up for long term success. We are honored to work with hundreds of highly respected surgeons.

Moreover, our firm has developed many surgery centers specifically designed to provide same day surgery (or 23-hour stays) for total joint replacement and spine surgery patients. Compass’ total joint and spine program provides orthopedic total joint surgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, and neurosurgeons with resources that match or better typical hospitals all while providing superior yet safe patient experience.

While no group of surgeons and therefore no ASC is identical, the foundations of our total joint and spine program (e.g. patient education, staff selection and training, pain management, and outcomes measurement) help ensure a seamless experience for both patient and surgeon.

Our mission is to create strong partnerships that improve the lives of patients and providers.

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