Austin Kroschel

Vice President of Business Development

Austin Kroschel serves as a Vice President of Development, engaging in relationships with surgeons and other multi-specialty opportunities to create lasting, rewarding partnerships. Austin is known for bringing insightful expertise to joint ventures, having formed partnerships and developed ASC joint ventures, many in the cardiovascular space. He has a passion for adding hours back to physicians’ days by creating highly efficient ASC partnerships that provide an unmatched patient experience.

In Austin’s words, “In this work, you see an immediate benefit to both the patient and your partner. There is a relationship that you must develop, and when you have a strong relationship, you have aligned goals.”

Austin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Food Science Technology from Texas A&M University. Austin loves to spend time with his wife Hayley and his two daughters, Farron and Collins. Although, he is concerned that his daughters are getting too smart for him.

Our mission is to create strong partnerships that improve the lives of patients and providers.

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