Spa Vibes and the Patient Experience

August 5, 2020 - Smooth, spa vibes radiate from the interior of Florida Springs Surgery Center. Just a few more steps before they open! We're grateful to partner with The Center for Bone & Joint Disease

As healthcare providers strive to meet patient expectations, facility design—colors, textures, architecture, atmosphere—is increasingly important. 

Precise Construction and Hardaway|Sziabowski Architects are working together on the Spring Hill-based facility. Progress on the development has been monitored through virtual site visits.

The Center for Bone & Joint Disease has served the Tampa Bay community for over 47 years. There are nine orthopedic surgeons, a physiatrist, a podiatrist, and thirteen physician assistants/nurse practitioners. The Center for Bone and Joint Disease’s physicians are all Board-Certified in Orthopaedics or Podiatry and have received specialized fellowship training in areas such as hands, sports medicine, foot and ankle, and spinal injuries.

Our mission is to create strong partnerships that improve the lives of patients and providers.

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