TJA in ASCs: Capturing the Value

August 20, 2021 -William Holding was invited to speak on Total Joint Replacement in ASCs: Capturing the Value at an event sponsored by INOV8 Research. 

At "THA and Economics in ASCs: The Future is NOW!" co-chairs Stefan Kreuzer, MD and Scott Sporer, MD, as well as expert speakers discussed the transition from hospital-based THA procedures into an Ambulatory Surgical Center setting. Will highlighted industry tailwinds, managing risks, and value capture.

 The industry is pushing cases, specifically orthopaedic cases, to the outpatient setting. Then, there's room for increased case proficability for joints in ASCs, in addition to the expected doubling of hip and knee replacement volumes.

Risk managment will remain an importnat job duty of ASC professionals and surgeons. As reimbursements fall, operational execution and payer contracts will become more important.

For now, the potential value capture is high. First movers will reap benefits including surgeon autonomy and scheduling efficiency. 

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