Insights from an ASC Expert: 10 Years in the Industry


Compass Chairman David Hall discusses the last 10 years in the ASC industry.

What’s changed? What’s stayed the same? What should we expect going forward?

Video Transcript

Scott Bacon: David, thank you for joining us today. David Hall, Chairman of Compass Surgical Partners. David, tell us how long you've been in the industry.

David Hall: Well, I started in the industry in 1992.

Bacon: What have you seen transpire over the past 10 years in the ASC industry?

Hall: Well, technology has really begun to take off and drive new business to the centers. Technology has driven more joints, more spine, more of the bigger cases out of the hospital setting and the payers have begun to have a big impact on how those cases migrate.

Bacon: Interesting. What do you foresee over the next 10 years as you look forward in the industry?

Hall: Cases will continue to migrate out of the hospitals as technology improves, as we take advantage of artificial intelligence and use those technologies to help our surgeons do more complicated cases in what is a safe and good environment for patients and the surgeons.

Bacon: And finally, what has surprised you over your career in the ASC space?

Hall: That some things have not changed. The same things that drove this business from the very beginning still drive this business today. Patients want to be in a different setting than the hospital. Technology drives the cases. Surgeons want to be in an environment where they have control, they can get good turnover time and feel comfortable with the low infection rates. So, it's the same issues driving it then, that drive it today.

Bacon: Great. Thank you so much!

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