5 Considerations for Selecting an IT Provider in a New ASC

Whether you have an ASC partner or you’re trying to do it on your own, getting IT involved early in the development process is essential.

Years ago, ASCs were developed by generalists. Now professionals create formal mock-ups of every wall in every room in every facility. There are experts in floorplan to maximize clinical flow; in engineering to meet airflow and pressure needs; in equipment for purchasing according to a specific project’s needs; and in IT to ensure the ASC is efficient and secure.

A huge consideration for new ASCs is the breadth of experience and scope of work of an IT provider. An experienced ASC IT provider will understand both general and specific needs for ASCs and will have the ability to execute on those needs. A partner in IT can help you with

1. Budget:

  • When it comes to new construction or retrofits, it can be difficult to stay within budget throughout the project, especially with the number of trades and groups involved. Not to mention, budgets tend to fluctuate due to the cost of support, deadline changes, and availability of products. Having an IT partner that has open communication with all vendors and trades that touch IT is essential for ensuring that your budget stays on track.

2. Needs/Usage:

  • Whether it’s interface capabilities, EMR support, or links to equipment such as a C-arm, IT providers should understand the healthcare space and what type of IT infrastructure is needed to support a fast-paced and dynamic clinical staff. An experienced ASC IT provider should design and build out projects for efficiency and growth keeping security as a top priority. They should understand healthcare and the workflows needed to design and recommend appropriate equipment, placements, and deadlines to accommodate project deliverables.

3. Features (Hardware/Software):

  • Having the appropriate hardware and software installed is critical for your ASC’s workflow efficiencies. With a robust knowledge of the healthcare IT landscape, skilled IT providers can procure and install all major IT infrastructure such as firewalls, switches, access points, computers and laptops, printers and scanners, and many other essential IT equipment to make an ASC efficient.

4. Threats (Cyber/Physical):

  • Security threats—both cyber and physical—are rampant across the healthcare landscape. To protect your ASC from increasing threats, partnering with an experienced ASC IT provider will give you access to a range of security solutions that provide next-level monitoring and support. A partner can also recommend appropriate network-related equipment that helps keep network traffic safe and secure with solutions that help train and support a fast-paced staff to stay secure in an environment that has constant threats and attacks. An IT provider should be able to provide a proactive support team, monitoring to allow for strategic planning, and recommendations to help keep practices functioning efficiently and securely.

5. Compliance:

  • Ensuring your ASC adheres to compliance requirements is critical, and any experienced ASC IT provider will understand that. Skilled providers can help ASCs with their compliance checklist through recommendations and a design specified to meet the requirements needed for security and compliance. A provider with a full security assessment department can help either navigate or manage full SRA audits and put plans in place to accommodate changes in the industry to meet the needs of compliance and growth.

Bringing in IT early can save a de novo ASC time and money. If you know where to install IT infrastructure before the drywall is installed, you can bypass change orders and frustrated partners. Working with a competent IT provider ensures that your unique IT needs are met; you’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing your ASC has the appropriate IT equipment sourced and your security is tight; and your budget stays on track through the entire scope of the project.

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