The Path to ASC Joint Venture Readiness

By Sean Rambo 

As care continues to migrate from inpatient to outpatient settings, forward-thinking health systems are looking to expand their outpatient portfolios by enhancing their ambulatory surgery center (ASC) platform. 

Many systems are rethinking their desire to bring in a partner to assist in building out their network, as a successful ASC joint venture is much easier said than done. In many respects, an ASC joint venture strategy is fundamentally a physician partnership strategy. 

When health systems forge ASC joint ventures with Compass, they entrust us to develop, manage, and grow their ambulatory surgery footprint. The Compass team becomes the health system’s extension in the market—both with physician partners and with patients. Our partnership approach handles this trust with the seriousness—and agility—it warrants. 

Experience has taught us that six essential elements are the bedrock for high-performing ASC partnerships, and we work diligently with our partners to put them into place.

How CV ASCs Help Health Systems Recruit & Retain Physicians

By Austin Kroschel

Developing a cardiovascular ambulatory surgery center can help your health system recruit, retain, and engage cardiovascular specialists amid worsening physician shortages. Current and projected shortfalls affect most specialties, and they hit CV particularly hard. Our aging population requires more cardiovascular care just as the surgeons qualified to treat CV patients are retiring from practice.

You can boost CV surgeon recruitment and retention at your health system by offering ASC settings, as well as hospital outpatient department (HOPD) settings, for cardiovascular procedures.

Why Smart Health Systems Are Investing In Cardiovascular ASCs

By Austin Kroschel 

Hearty changes are ahead. Health systems looking to pump new options into their outpatient surgery service lines are looking hard at cardiovascular ambulatory surgery centers. Here are six reasons why: 

Our mission is to create strong partnerships that improve the lives of patients and providers.

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