How To Improve Patient Collections at Your Ambulatory Surgery Center

By Carol Ciluffo, Director of RCM and Stacy Danahy, RN, VP of Operations

How a sore shoulder delivered some sweet RCM relief at one ASC.

Recently, Stacy was advising an ASC that had recently transitioned from being a hospital outpatient department (HOPD).

How To Pass Every ASC Survey with Flying Colors

By Jennifer Jacobson, RN

What keeps you up at night, health system executives?

If one of your answers is “worrying that our ASC isn’t fully prepared for the next time the surveyor comes knocking,” you’re not alone.

You know that survey duo is coming, but you don’t know precisely when or precisely what they’ll ask to see. And, you’re not 100-percent confident your ambulatory surgery center is ready for such survey scrutiny. One big area of concern: documentation.

6 Reasons Why the Financial Future Is Bright for Orthopedic ASCs

By Stacy LaLonde 

You’ve no doubt heard or read that orthopedics is an excellent way to grow the ASCs your health system already has or is planning to have. But it might be hard to put your finger on the facts and stats you want to have handy for your colleagues or your boss.

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